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Terms & Conditions

TERMS & CONDITIONS (AGBs) Papusa Tango Cita Kloster Bonlanden.


These terms govern the relation between the participant of Papusa Tango Cita and the organizer of Papusa Tango Cita, represented by Sylvia Vinez in connection with registration, participation and presence at the event. The terms concern any communication and exchange the organizer and the participant will have in connection with the event, whether before, during or after the event.


  1. Registration


Papusa Tango Cita is a private event.


Registration is only possible through the registration form on the event website. Registration via email or Facebook will not be accepted. If you encounter any problems, please inform the Organizer.

After the online registration you will get an automatic email to confirm that the process worked (if you don’t receive the email, please, check the SPAM folder or contact us)


The Participant must not reserve accommodation or flight before receiving the acceptance to the Event.


Confirmation to participate is strictly personal and therefore cannot be transferred to another person. If one participant who has registered as a couple is unable to take part, the organizer must be informed immediately in order to look for a replacement - to ensure dance balance.


2. Payment


The full participation fee has to be paid in advance and by the given date via bank transfer. Otherwise we can not guarantee your participation.


3. Cancellation and Reimbursement


A) If the Participant cancels participation (only marathon) up to 6 weeks before start of event (lastest on 26.07.2024), the Organizer will reimburse 100% of participation fee minus a handling fee of 40 € per person.

B) If the Participant cancels up to 6 weeks before arrival (accommodation + marathon), half of the room rate will be kept (Cancellation conditions towards the monastery) and a handling fee of 40 € per person.

C) If the Participant cancels participation after 26.07.2024, reimbursement is not possible due to organizational reasons. In the event that we find a replacement person for the room, the room rate only can be refunded. The decision rests solely with the organizer.


4. Disclaimer


The Organizer is not liable for any personal injury or property damage arising from or in connection with attendance at the event or participation in any event activities. The Organizer assumes no responsibility for any losses due to theft or loss of equipment and articles or other personal property.


Candles and open flames are prohibited in the bedrooms and common rooms. Smoking is only allowed in the yard.The Organizer is not liable for any damage suffered while traveling to and from the marathon venue, including damage in relation to self-organized carpooling. 


Program is subject to change.

5. Force Majeure

If the event cannot or does not take place due to force majeure, there is no entitlement to reimbursement of participation fees already paid or travel or accommodation costs. For its part, the organizer agrees to pay a one-off payment of a maximum amount of 50 € per person and participation costs already paid (event or event & accommodation). This will void any claims against the organizer, and there is also no claim for compensation.


6. Photographing and recording at the event 


The Participant consents to the use of the Participant’s photos and/or films being published and modified on the websites of the Event and/or the official photographers of the Event.

If the Participant would like to broadcast, distribute or otherwise make publicly available the recordings, he or she can do so as far as allowed under applicable law.


7. Privacy


With the event registration, the Participant agrees to the storage of its provided data by the Organizer. Stored Participant’s data will only be used for registration processing and information related to the event. The data will not be given to third parties.


8. Acknowledgement and Acceptance


The Participant acknowledges and accepts these General Terms and Conditions with the online registration or by entering the event premises.


9. Legal Venue


Legal venue of the Event is Munich.

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