💞 Welcome to

Papusa Tango Cita 💞


We are so happy to welcome you to Bonlanden Abbey at the beginning of October. Surrounded by wonderful scenery, we will do everything we can to give you an unforgettable and happy weekend.


We dance and sleep in the monastery, in a familiar atmosphere, the Franciscans living there will passionately cook for us and we will spend three wonderful days full of tango, hugs and contemplation with you.


Please indicate when registering - preferred in pairs - which category of room you want and 

with whom you want to share it.

You can find the information either under 


Kloster Bonlanden (Houses Tabor und Faustin Mennel)




House San Damiano



Rooms with the certain something

Our cita is gender and role balanced with a max. of 130 lovely friends 💕

We dance considerately in the Ronda, respect each other and follow the rules of Mirada and Cabeceo.

Our DJ team will provide you with passionate tango for three days.

You don't have to worry about nothing this weekend, you just have to be and enjoy.


See you soon

Sylvia & Team