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💞 Welcome to

Papusa Tango Marathon Munich in 2022 ...

We are pleased to invite you to the first Papusa Tango Marathon Munich. For three days, we will dance and hug each other in beautiful Munich.


Our marathon is gender and role balanced, we dance considerately in the Ronda, respect each other and follow the rules of Mirada and Cabeceo.


We wish us a lovely group of max. 130 friends and participants, who love the Tango as we do, who are curious about others and want to experience an exciting time with us, in a family atmosphere.


Our DJ team will provide you with passionate tango for three days and we will celebrate a bit longer on Sunday night ...

(after-milonga for all).


Our home for the weekend is (almost) in the middle of Munich, of course, equipped with wooden floor, we have two dancerooms connected with a small bar, just next to us there is a loft with kitchen (from lovely Marcel) where we will have breakfast, snacks, cakes, evening soup ... 

We have good transport links, accommodations in the immediate vicinity and we will take care of the rest.

Sylvia & Team 💕

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